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Hospital Curtains

Taking all worries about your rail systems off your hands!

We offer a complete range for health care institutions. Window Techs has the right solution for every type of rail. Our cubicle curtain track gives patients the privacy they need. The wide range of regular curtain rail systems can be applied broadly and is easy to install. The patented Load Release System is our answer to the health care sector's need to have cubicle curtain track and curtain rails released under certain conditions.

Hospital Curtains

Hospital Curtains
  • Hospital Curtains
Ask For Price offers the best selection of high quality privacy, cubicle and hospital curtains for all of your applications that require privacy and seclusion. Privacy curtains are commonly used in the medical and commercial industries where they serve as hospital privacy curtains, doctor's office privacy curtains, dressing room curtains and even to give privacy to cubicles in offices. The curtain fabrics we offer combine safety, style, ease of care and affordability. The construction of these privacy curtains ensures the look that is desired coupled with long curtain life, resulting in value for the customer. While these curtains are commonly used in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, they offer function and fashion for a wide array of applications. They can be made with or without the mesh at the top, depending on your specific needs and fire code requirements. We also offer curtain tracks for privacy and hospital curtains. 

Flame Retardant Curtains

All cubicle curtains are fabricated using fabrics that pass NFPA 701 testing, the most stringent national standard. Please consider all local codes however, to ensure you meet all requirements (e.g. some areas require the use of drops in lieu of mesh to ensure appropriate coverage of sprinkler systems. 

Curtain Construction

All cubicle curtains are constructed with a triple thick 1&half incher header sewn with a double needle Safe-T-Lock stitch, making the curtains practically tear proof. This stitching technique eliminates unraveling and raw edges, providing enduring strength. Fabric patterns are always matched to provide excellent appearance, and each curtain undergoes a 7 point inspection process prior to approval for shipment. Curtains are typically sewn with rust proof nickel plated brass grommets on 6 inch centers across the header, although customer specifications can be accommodated. Curtains are constructed in any height and come in incremental widths of 18 inches. Mesh 

Most fire codes require the use of mesh across at least the top 20 inches of a privacy curtain. Our curtains feature half inch flame retardant mesh which meets NFPA requirements. Mesh available in 11 colors, although white or ivory are the most common choices to complement fabric selection. Curtains can be made solid, without mesh as well. 


Height: Curtains available in any height, so identify the preferred spacing between the bottom of the curtain and the floor. Hardware drops the curtain by approximately 3 inches.

Width: Curtains available in 18 inch increments. Add at least 10% (15% for tracks under 9 feet) to length of track to account for fullness. Be sure to include ceiling height and track length and layout when requesting a quote. 


A wide range of flame retardant fabrics are available for use in fabricating privacy cubicle curtains. We offer several of the most popular options below for your consideration. If you require a specific fabric, please contact us so that we may verify the fabric availability and lead time. All fabrics are "true-light" tested to ensure that the opacity of the fabric provides absolute privacy. Selection of fabrics shown typically ensures shorter lead times of one to three weeks from order placement to shipment.

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Hospital Curtain - SHIELD - Inherent Antimicrobial and Flam

Hospital Curtain - SHIELD - Inherent Antimicrobial and Flam
  • Hospital Curtain - SHIELD - Inherent Antimicrobial and Flam
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Anti microbial & Flame Retardant Curtains:-

Window Techs Offers you the rangeof Anti-Mircrobial & flame Retarded Hospital Curtains.

Trevira CS-Bioactive curtain:-

Trevira CS Bio active : Trevera CS Bioactive is Inherent flame retardant chemistry combined with antimicrobial effect. It is achieved by modification to polyster,

which provides the high level of flame retardancy and antimicrobial effect.

Importance & Application:

Trevira CS Bioactive is particularly useful for contract and service textitles in rooms and buildings like Hotels, Hospitalswhich are subject to stringent fire safety
regulation and particularly high standards of hygiene standards regulations.

Trevira CS Bioactive:

- Permanent antimicrobial and flame retardant effect
- Contributes to the reduction of transferiing bacteria
- Increasing/improvement of hygenic standards
- Effectiveness even after 100 washes
- Oekotex 100 certified

How Trevira CS Bioactive works

Textiles in Trevira CS Bioactive meet the requirements of preventative fire safety and enhanced hygiene in equal measure. With Trevira CS Bioactive the flame retardant

properly is supplemented by the added antimicrobial function.

With Trevira CS Bioactive the antimicrobial agent based on silver is firmly anchored in the fibre polymer. This additive exercises a permanent antimicrobial effect and is not affected by either washing or usage. In the process it functions on the surface of the fibre and does not migrate into the surrounding atmosphere. It has been shown that Trevira Bioactive is compatible with the skin.

When bacteria come into direct contact with the textile, they are damaged by the silver ions, which prevents them multiplying.

Testing that gives security

Comprehensive studies by independent institutes attest to the effect of Trevira Bioactive:

Field test on clinical workwear at the Humboldt-Klinikum Berlin (Dr. Zastrow)

Field test on curtains and drapes at the Humboldt-Klinikum Berlin (Dr. Zastrow)

And antimicrobial Trevira fibres naturally bear the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 seal.
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Hospital Curtain - ULTRA - Coated Antimicrobial

Coated Antimicrobial and Flame Retardant Curtain

All our coated fire retardant and antimicrobial curtains meet the Flame Retardant standards and antimicrobial standards for all contract areas. We are having the approvals from government of india recognised "ATIRA & BIOTECH LABS" according to NFPA, BS & DIN STANDARDS 

As specialist Flame Retardant curtain suppliers, manufacturing and meticulously measuring if required all windows to ensure we meet your exact requirements. You will enjoy quality workmanship, reliable and friendly measuring, surveys and deliveries, best value and always sound and objective advice. Our client referral list grows every week.

Please contact us directly to discuss your curtain requirements
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Hospital Curtain

Hospital Curtain - Refresh - Inherent Antimicrobial Textile
Windowtech has introduced a new revolutionery fabric in indian market which is inherently antimicrobial. we have all got all the certifications related to antimicrobial activity in the fabric from government of india recognised "ATIRA & BIOTECH LABS"according to NFPA, BS & DIN STANDARDS.

This fabric is very special because it is made of 50% polyster and 50% Viscose. This fabric is very much suitable to use for curtains, medical uniform and medical linen. 

It happens every day - doctors and nurses have blood, vomit, urine, dangerous fluids spills on their scrubs and lab coats all the time. There has been no solution in the market that gives antimicrobial, antifungal, fluid resistant protection, odor control and offers style and comfort at the same time. The healthcare workers work so hard for the patients; it's time their uniforms work as hard as them.

Our garments have shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria by 99.99% on the surface of the fabric and provide protection from dangerous fluids. No special care instructions apply to any of Window Techs products. All garments can be washed at home or commercially laundered using the same protocols as their conventional equivalents. LifeThreads' current line includes Scrubs, Lab Coats, Patient Gowns and Linens.


Lab Coats

Patient Gowns


Classic Collection

Our Classic collection has been designed keeping in mind comfort and durability. We offer unisex and women scrub tops and bottoms in Caribbean blue, Ceil blue and Navy blue colors. We will be introducing black color in March 2016. 

Product Highlights

-Antimicrobial + Antifungal + Odor Control + Fluid Barrier

-Scrubs available in three colors - Caribbean Blue, Ceil Blue, Navy Blue

-Soft, comfortable, functional and durable fabric. Polyester = 65% and Cotton = 35%

-Scrub tops available in unisex and women's junior style. Scrub bottoms are available in unisex and women junior style

-No special washing protocols.

Under the Classic collection we also offer lab coats and patient gowns. Keeping patient's comfort in mind, these hospital gowns are available in full length with angle back overlap closures. They are available in two solid colors, Jade green and Ceil blue. Our nursing lab coats are designed to last, offering a protective layer that repels fluids and spills. 

Product Highlights

-Antimicrobial + Antifungal + Odor Control + Fluid Barrier + Stretch Fabric 

-Scrubs available in six different colors - Black, Pewter, White, Wine, Royal Blue and Navy Blue 

-Soft, comfortable, functional and durable fabric. Cotton = 55% Polyester = 41% and Spandex = 4% 

-Scrubs tops available in two styles - unisex and women. Scrub bottoms are available in three styles - unisex, men and women cargo pants 

-No special washing protocols 

Antimicrobial Linens

Our antimicrobial bed sheets and pillow cases are made from a revolutionary new fabric which is far more durable than 100 percent cotton or filament polyester fabrics currently available. The new fabric, called Grace, is manufactured using a spun polyester process which changes the orientation of the fabric fibers to give the yarn superior characteristics. The resulting fabric maintains the look and feel of cotton and other blends, but will not lint or shrink, has inherent stain resistant properties and provides superior durability. 

With better fiber orientation and antimicrobial properties, Window Techs' innovative new linens meet the industry need for better quality and infection control. Bed sheets measure 110 by 66 inches, pillow cases measure 20 by 30 inches; both are available in white.
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Hospital Curtain - ECOSTAIN - Stain/Water Repellent Economic

Hospital Curtain - ECOSTAIN - Stain/Water Repellent Economic
  • Hospital Curtain - ECOSTAIN - Stain/Water Repellent Economic
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Stain Repellent Cubicle Curtain

Economical Range of Hospital Stain Repellent Cubicle Curtains which are manufactured with 100% polyester yarn which is coated by water repellent(stain repellent) treatment which helps the fabric not to absorb any liquid. The top woven mesh with 18" long snag free header, combined with our # 2 nickel - plated provide superior durability and long lasting performance. We guarantee that we provide you the best value and competitive service at affordable rates by offering our economical range of curtains.
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